Geopolitics of pandemics: Diagnosing threats to organizational resilience

‘Given the interconnectedness of risks today, a national or local crisis can have global implications. Expanding beyond China and into the global system, coronavirus is no exception.’


09/2018 The Next Pandemic Will Be Arriving Shortly – FOREIGN POLICY

“In January 2017,while one of us was serving as a homeland security advisor to Pr. B. Obama, a deadly pandemic was among the scenarios that the outgoing+incoming U.S. Cabinet officials discussed in a daylong exercise that focused on honing interagency coordination and rapid federal response to potential crises”

Medical staff check each other's protective suits before entering the isolation unit at a hospital in Bundibugyo, western Uganda, during a suspected case of Ebola. Aug. 17. (Sumy Sadurni /AFP/Getty Images)

The Next Pandemic Will Be Arriving Shortly