Eurasia: the hot heartland of the world Le monde diplomatique


The Likelihood of Conflict Bewteen Greece and Turkey,Interagency Intelligence Memorandum, June 1974

The US, China and Asia after the pandemic: more, not less, tension -BROOKINGS


‘The United States has generally viewed it as a positive-sum game to navigate these global challenges with China. That is no longer the case.’

The US, China and Asia after the pandemic: more, not less, tension

Decolonizing the ‘Great Debates’ in International Relations Theory: A Perspective on History, Approaches and Methods

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Reality Check -American Power in an Age of Constraints


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‘In setting these goals, Washington did, to some extent, factor in external constraints, such as the potential objections of important regional powers around the world. ‘

Cold War Containment and the Middle East


‘Green’s version of containment is heavy on confrontation, military buildups, and the imposition of maximum costs on the adversary. “Interestingly enough,” Green says in applying this idea to the Middle East, “it would appear to be the current Trump Doctrine” of maximum pressure against Iran. Green disregards how that doctrine has been a failure on every count by making the Iran problem worse than before in terms of Iran’s nuclear activity, destructive actions within the region, and the dominance of hardliners in Tehran’