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In Defence of Democracy

For the last few years I have been the target of orchestrated, unprecedented for a liberal democracy attacks. These vary and include a wide range of criminal activities that I could not possible mention here. All details will be in the lawsuit I am going to file.  

Evidence at my disposal, point to the leading and most powerful foreign diplomat in the country (Gr). As a result, I am going to take legal action against him, seeking answers to many ontological questions. This is a prerogative we have in democracies, a prerogative citizens did not have and today do not have in illiberal, soviet-like regimes.  

This is the only way to defend truth, western values, human rights, academic dignity and above all protect myself and my beloved. This choice has been imposed upon me by actions that go beyond any red line in democracies. It is the only means to get answers to many “why” questions.   

George Voskopoulos, Associate Professor of European Studies, f. Head of the Department of International and European Studies, UoM, Greece

Defining Elements of Lack of Meritocracy and Clientelism in Transitional Societies and Less Mature Democracies: A Utilitarianist Approach to Rights

George Voskopoulos-Nationalism and Human Rights in South-Eastern Europe: Territorial and Cultural Factors, The South Slav Journal, London, volume 29, No. 1-2


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