Networks of impunity: Corruption and European foreign policy

Policy Brief-Chris Raggett

Map: Ten cases cited in July 2019 EU money laundering report


  • European governments have failed to prevent corrupt actors from laundering hundreds of billions of dollars through the international financial system and their own economies.
  • This breakdown in the rule of law empowers kleptocratic regimes across the globe, which capitalise on the political culture underpinning Europe’s approach to globalisation.
  • Western governments create a negative feedback loop that hinders their foreign policy initiatives when they treat corruption in other countries as an inherent part of the local culture.
  • European policymakers should aim to catch up with, and overtake, their US counterparts on anti-money laundering regulation and enforcement.
  • European countries should create national institutions – and an international coalition of Western states – that are dedicated to countering kleptocrats.

George Voskopoulos,Citations November 2018 (ind)