The Likelihood of Conflict Bewteen Greece and Turkey,Interagency Intelligence Memorandum, June 1974

Memorandum of Conversation,1976,H. Kissinger,Gr FM Bitsios et al, on Cyprus Invasion, Gr-Tr Relations

Greece Offers Opportunity for Turkey If Drilling Dispute Fixed

BLOOMBERG 19/7/2019


“Greece’s foreign minister said his country could work together with Turkey to exploit natural resources while urging Ankara to settle its dispute with the European Union over offshore drilling in the Mediterranean.

Nikolaos Dendias said in an interview in Washington that there are a wide range of issues where Greece could cooperate with Turkey. Those opportunities are currently held up by a disagreement over Turkey’s drilling operations in the waters off of Cyprus’

‘“We have to help our societies create growth, create prosperity, create stability in the region and also really at the end of the day become friends again,’’ Dendias said. “There are thousands of synergies from tourism to exploitation of natural resources. You name it, it’s there.”


Greece in the Emerging Eastern Mediterranean Security Sub-System: The Capabilities–Expectations–Motivation Gap

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