Getting the EU ready for the next pandemic

Research Project 2015-2017 PANDEM



‘For 18 months, the PANDEM project has been preparing recommendations to help the EU face a potential pandemic. Armed with its planning tool and other project outcomes, the team has identified research priorities and innovations needed to strengthen preparedness for pandemics’

‘The EU acknowledges that there is a growing health security threat posed by pandemics,’ says Prof. Máire Connolly, coordinator of PANDEM. ‘In Europe, the increasing numbers of airline passengers with larger travel hubs means that an emerging disease can arrive within hours in a European city. We also have a large population of over 750 million people, and densely populated cities.’

She continues: ‘Add to this: the continuing circulation of influenza viruses among birds, pigs and humans; the threat of bioterrorism; and the potential for an accidental release of dangerous pathogens if biosafety measures are not strictly implemented. Then put this in the context of antimicrobial resistance and we have a major threat to human health which could bring the management of infectious diseases back to the pre-antimicrobial era.’